Older Low-Skilled Workers and the Economic Crisis in Italy


Presentation. The ongoing ageing of the workforce requires extending the working life of employees, in order to avoid social and economic consequences. An extended working life requires a better-qualified workforce. In Italy, the adult participation rate in education and training is low. The paper describes the characteristics and the training participation rate of the older low-skilled workers, in the context of ageing trends in Italy, from 2009 to 2014. We intend to identify the factors that affect workers’ participation in training and their employability. The cross sectional and longitudinal analysis developed through some logistic regression models and carried out on LFS data has allowed to understand that this target group needs to increase its participation in training, in order to protect them from unemployment. 8-10 giugno 2016


ISFOL, Angotti R., Polli C., Older Low-Skilled Workers and the Economic Crisis in Italy. Intervento a "48th Scientific Meeting of the Italian Statistical Society", Salerno, Università degli Studi, 8-10 giugno 2016. Isfol OA: <http://isfoloa.isfol.it/xmlui/handle/123456789/1308>


Lavoratori anziani, Lifelong learning, Crisi economica, Invecchiamento attivo